Zainspiruj EFVVĘ/Let's inspire EFVVA/T shirty dla Zwycięzców/T shirts for the winners in the competition

Koszulka inspirowana rysunkiem Zosi/
T-shirt inspired by the image of Sophie 

Koszulka inspirowana obrazkiem Wiktorii/
T-shirt inspired by the image of Wiktoria
Koszulka inspirowana obrazkiem Filipa/
T-shirt inspired by the image of Filip


Cinema Pre Collection/ Organic Cotton & Silk

Wszystkie sukienki z Cinema Collection są dostępne na zamówienie w rozmiarach od 6 miesięcy do 6 lat.Zamówienia mozecie składać na email:-) efvva@efvva.com
All dresses from the Cinema Collections may be available to order - sizes from 6 months to 6 years write an email to order efvva@efvva.com








Paint me, Mom Namaluj mi, Mamo

Small Parisian in Coco Chanel costume, Garcon & Mademoiselle in the red stripes in Saint Tropez, a young gentleman in the spirit of the British Paul Smith with nonchalantly hanging tie emerging from the London Fog in Krakow peacock feathers, stripes, flowers and red corals, and in Japan Geisha and Samurai. For patriots -I LOVE POLAND  with hidden eagle in the colors of the flag.
In such a fashion journey around the world takes us Ewa Wróbel-Hultqvist, a graduate of Fine Arts in Krakow........


babylovin autumn winter 2011/2012 campaign

 Photography:Ewa Wróbel-Hultqvist, Scenography:Paulina Semkowicz & Ewa Wrobel-Hultqvist
Models:Daria D'Antoni, Tytus Zajaczkowski, Hugo Hultqvist


 Babylovin "Little Boys & Girls around the world" 
 A limited collection of hand-painted T-shirts for children from 3 months to 6 years. Each T-shirt is unique, painted on the highest quality 100% biological  combed cotton,  (interlock weave and high weight and thin yarn provide comfort, improved lifespan, and resistance to wrinkles), tags are made by hand with paper and scrap materials on the label is also collection name and the number of clothes.
Machine washable at 30 degrees

Paris,Paris....Ooh La La Coco

London fog Little Londoner

I Love Poland Little Pol & Pola

Paris Paris...Little Garcon & Mademoiselle

Model is 2,5 years old

Kokeshi dolls, Little Samurai & Geisha

Model is 2,5 years old

Folklovin, Little Cracow Boy & Girl